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Graduate Certificate

  • What is this program?

    The University of Florida’s online Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Forensic Medicine is open to qualified local, national, and international professionals who work in forensic sciences and veterinary medicine.

    This graduate certificate is comprised of five 3-credit courses. Graduate certificate students must earn a “B” or higher in order for credits to transfer toward a higher degree. Earning this degree can open up new job opportunities and potentially can increase wages. Graduate certificate students can transfer a maximum of 15 credits toward a master’s degree for even more career benefits. All required classes are offered completely online, so students may take them from anywhere in the world.

    Who is this program for?

    The Veterinary Forensic Sciences Graduate Certificate is designed for professionals who work in forensic medicine and veterinary science, including, but not limited to:

    • Practicing veterinarians
    • Veterinary technicians
    • Individuals involved in shelter medicine operations
    • Animal control officers
    • Law enforcement officials
    • Forensic investigators
    What will students learn?

    Graduate certificate students learn how to properly process an animal crime scene, recognize animal abuse, and handle forensic evidence. The five required courses are:

    If a student decides to pursue a master’s degree, all credits are transferable to the MS in Veterinary Forensic Sciences.

    Admission Requirements
    • Bachelor’s degree in a natural science subject (If the student does not have a degree in a natural science subject, email Dr. Jason Byrd at, as they may still be eligible for admission.)
      A DVM degree
    • An upper-division GPA of a 2.0 or better
    How much will it cost?

    Tuition is $525 per credit hour. An approximate cost of the graduate certificate is $7,875, plus fees and textbooks.

    Learn more about financial aid and tuition reimbursement opportunities.

    Course List and Schedule
    Veterinary Forensics Courses Credits Spring Summer Fall
    VME 6052 Animal Crime Scene Processing 3   x  
    VME 6054 Scientific and Legal Principles of Forensic Evidence 3 x    
    VME 6051 Cruelty to Animals and Interpersonal Violence 3 x  
    VME 6575 Veterinary Forensic Medicine 3     x
    ENY 6706 Forensic Entomology 3     x

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