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WIS 6557 Wildlife Conservation Laws and Legislation

  • WIS 6557 CREDITS: 3

    Students completing this course will have a better understanding of the legal considerations surrounding wildlife and animals in general. Students will have learned the laws and policies applicable to national and international wildlife and environmental conservation, the history of animal legal issues, and will have become familiar with the organizations tasked with developing and enforcing the law. They will also have an understanding of the cultural and societal concerns and contemporary conservation issues. Learning objectives will be accomplished through a combination of lecture material, readings, demonstrations, writing assignments, and online active discussions. Case studies will be used to supplement the lessons.


    Module Topic
    Module 1 Course Introduction
    Module 2 Wildlife Legal Concerns in U.S. States
    Module 3 The U.S. Constitution and State Game Laws
    Module 4 Private Lands and Fisheries
    Module 5 Federal Concerns
    Module 6 Key Legislation
    Module 7 The Future of U.S. Wildlife Law
    Module 8 International Wildlife Law – The Beginning
    Module 9 Putting it into Practice
    Module 10 Species Regulation & Governance: Fish & Cetaceans
    Module 11 Species Regulation & Governance: Birds
    Module 12 Regional Regulation
    Module 13 Global Regulation Part I
    Module 14 Global Regulation Part II
    Module 15 Cross-Sectoral Issues

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