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VME 6615 – Veterinary Forensic Toxicology

  • VME 6615 CREDITS: 3

    This course will encompass the basic concepts of veterinary forensic toxicology including basic principles of veterinary toxicology, legal aspects of veterinary toxicology, utilization of veterinary diagnostic laboratories in forensic cases, conducting veterinary toxicology field investigations, history-taking, and proper collection, handling and preservation of samples. Species-relevant aspects of veterinary toxicology will be covered.




    Week 1

    Veterinary Toxicology and the Law

    • Status of animals
    • Federal and state laws
    • Standard of proof

    Scope of veterinary forensic toxicology

    Week 2

    Principles of Veterinary Toxicology

    • Toxicologic concepts
    • Species differences in toxicology

    Week 3

    Diagnostic Veterinary Toxicology

    • Toxicology testing for forensic cases
    • Working with veterinary diagnostic laboratories
    • Interpretation

    Quiz 1

    Week 4

    Field Investigations in Veterinary Toxicology

    Week 5

    Anamnesis – Taking a Toxicologic History

    Week 6

    Sample Collection, Handling, and Preservation

    • Live animal samples
    • Necropsy samples

    Quiz 2

    Week 7

    Companion Animal Forensic Toxicology

    Week 8

    Companion Animal Forensic Toxicology

    Week 9

    Food/Fiber Animal Forensic Toxicology

    Quiz 3

    Week 10

    Wildlife & Exotic Animal Forensic Toxicology

    Week 11

    Performance Toxicology

    Week 12

    Toxicology of Bloodsports

    Week 13

    The Veterinarian as an Expert Witness in Toxicology Cases

    • Report writing
    • Expert testimony

    Quiz 4

    At a Glance

    Key Dates