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VME 6578 – Forensic Veterinary Osteology

  • VME 6578 CREDITS: 3

    This course provides an introduction to the non-human skeleton emphasizing the general identification of complete and fragmentary skeletal remains. This course will cover bone biology, development and anatomy, taphonomy, age, and sex. This knowledge forms the underpinning for advanced study in veterinary forensic osteology or zooarchaeolgy. Learning objectives will be accomplished through a combination of lecture material, readings, quizzes, a case study, and online active discussions.


    Module Topic
    Week 1 Bone Biology
    Skeletal Development
    Anatomical Terms
    Week 2 Determination of Minimum Number of Individuals (MNI)
    Case Documentation
    Quiz 1
    Week 3 Taphopnomy
    Week 4 General anatomy of animals
    Week 5 Nerves
    Quiz 2
    Week 6 Mammalian Osteology – Dog, cat
    Week 7 Mammalian Osteology – Cow, horse, pig
    Week 8 Mammalian Osteology – Cow, horse, pig, Other mammals of potential forensic significance
    Quiz 3
    Case discussion released
    Week 9 Avian Osteology
    Week 10 Avian Osteology
    Quiz 4
    Week 11 Reptilian Osteology – Turtle, snake
    Week 12 Reptilian Osteology – Alligator, Other reptiles of potential forensic significance
    Week 13 Fish Osteology
    Quiz 6
    Week 14 Age assessment
    Week 15 Sex assessment
    Quiz 7
    Case discussion due

    At a Glance

    Key Dates