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VME 6576 – Veterinary Forensic Pathology

  • VME 6576 CREDITS: 3

    This course is designed to introduce students to veterinary forensic pathology, an emerging discipline in veterinary forensic science. Upon completion of this course the student should have a working knowledge of the postmortem process, the mechanisms and postmortem lesions of trauma and neglect and be able to evaluate a pathology report. Although the focus is on the postmortem lesions of trauma and neglect, many of the patterns and principles discussed are applicable to live animals.

    This course is comprised of 12 modules that must be completed by the end of the semester. Each module contains lessons, textbook readings, discussions and assignments.


    Module Topic
    Module 1 1A. Introduction
    1B. The forensic postmortem 1
    1C. The forensic postmortem 2
    Module 2 2A. Describing lesions
    2.B Recognizing postmortem artifacts
    Module 3 3A. The pathology report
    3B. Postmortem changes & Postmortem interval
    Module 4 4A. Pathology of trauma
    4B. Blunt force trauma- Biomechanics of Injury

    4C. Blunt force trauma – Lesions
    Module 5 5A. Blunt force trauma – Traumatic brain injury
    5B. Blunt force trauma – Fractures & Complications
    5C. Sharp force injury
    Module 6 Mid-term examination
    Module 7 7A. Projectile injury 1
    7B. Projectile injury 2
    Module 8 8A. Asphyxia
    8B. Drowning
    Module 9 Thermal, Caustic, Electrical Injury
    Module 10 10A.Neglect – 1
    10B. Neglect – 2
    Module 11 11A. Injuries from fighting
    11B. Sexual Abuse
    Module 12 Final Examination

    At a Glance

    Key Dates