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VME 6571 – Forensic Applied Animal Behavior

  • VME 6571 CREDITS: 3

    An overview of Forensic Applied Animal Behavior, which is defined as the application of knowledge of animal behavior to the purpose of the law. This includes documenting the behavioral effects of abuse, neglect or inadequate care that may be in violation of laws, regulations, and industry or community standards.


    Module Topic
    Week 1 Defining the field
    Week 2 Defining cruelty
    Week 3 Forensic perspectives on pain in animals
    Week 4 Behavioral consequences of abuse and neglect
    Week 5 The animal crime scene
    Week 6 Behavioral assessment: basic concepts
    Week 7 Dogfighting and cockfighting
    Week 8 Puppy mills and animal hoarding
    Week 9 Enrichment, rehabilitation and placement
    Week 10 Investigating animal attacks
    Week 11 Farm animal behavior issues
    Week 12 Animals in captivity Part 1: Laboratory animals
    Week 13 Animals in captivity Part 2: Exotics
    Week 14 The Role of applied animal behavior in crafting animal legislation
    Week 15 The Future of Behavior Forensics

    At a Glance

    Key Dates