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VME 6056 – Animal Law

  • VME 6056 CREDITS: 3

    Animal law is a quickly growing field and is becoming essential to social policy in the United States as well as around the world. This course introduces and surveys important overarching legal themes that occur throughout the unique relationship between humans and animals.


    Module Topic
    Chapter 1 Introduction to course and to readings
    Chapter 2 Legal definitions of “animal”
    Chapter 3 Basic concepts of property law and its relationship to animals
    Chapter 4 Animals as property and as “property plus”
    Chapter 5 Constitutional Law and legal standing for animals
    Chapter 6 Due Process; Mid-term
    Chapter 7 Criminal law: Overview of animal cruelty laws, both domestically and internationally
    Chapter 8 Criminal law: Animal Fighting
    Chapter 9 Criminal Law: Failure to Act, Protection from Abuse
    Chapter 10 Torts: Emotional distress, intentional torts, valuation of animals
    Chapter 11 Torts: Veterinary malpractice, damages and valuation
    Chapter 12 Farm animals and humane slaughter
    Chapter 13 Breed specific legislation
    Chapter 14 Animal welfare/rights and the drive to change “the system”
    Chapter 15 Exam

    At a Glance