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    VME 6052: Animal Crime Scene Processing
    VME 6053: Skeletal Trauma Analysis in Animals
    VME 6054: Scientific and Legal Principles of Forensic Evidence
    VME 6051: Cruelty to Animals and Interpersonal Violence
    VME 6575: Veterinary Forensic Medicine
    ENY 6706: Forensic Entomology
    VME 6056: Animal Law
    VME 6574: Aquatic Animal Pathology
    VME 6578: Forensic Veterinary Osteology
    VME 6577: Veterinary Forensic Pathology in Practice
    VME 6579: Veterinary Forensic Radiology and Imaging
    VME 6570: Wildlife Conservation and Forensic Science
    VME 6571: Forensic Applied Animal Behavior
    VME 6572: Forensic Aspects of Agricultural Animal Welfare
    VME 6576: Veterinary Forensic Pathology
    VME 6573: Wildlife Forensic Genetics
    VME 6615: Veterinary Forensic Toxicology
    VME 6616: Critical Thinking and Environmental Monitoring of Veterinary Agents
    VME 6617: Risk Assessment and Mitigation for the Use and Management of Veterinary Agents
    VME 6934: Seminar in Veterinary Pathology
    VME 6905: Problems in Veterinary Medical Sciences
    VME 6934: Special Topics in Veterinary Forensic Sciences
    VME 6910: Supervised Research
    VME 6971: Masters Research
    WIS 5562: Conservation Medicine
    WIS 6557: Wildlife Conservation Laws and Legislation
    WIS 6559: Contemporary Issues in Wildlife Protection and Conservation
    WIS 6561: Wildlife Crime Scene Processing
    WIS 6934: Working Dogs in Conservation and Forensic Sciences
    WIS 6576: Human-Wildlife Conflict
    WIS 6421: Wildlife Toxicology: The Ecohealth Perspective
    WIS 6553: Wildlife Forensic Pathology
    WIS 6425: Carrion Ecology & Evolution
    VME 6580: Cybercrime in Wildlife Investigations

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