Veterinary Forensic Radiology and Imaging

VME 6579


Students completing this course will gain an understanding of how radiology and imaging can be used in the veterinary forensic sciences. Topics include: imaging modalities, the performance, interpretation and reportage of veterinary imaging studies as applied to the courts or the law.


Module Topic Assignments
Week 1 Introduction to Forensic Radiology & Imaging
Scope, Definitions and Forensic Radiology Compared to Clinical Radiology
Course Introductions
Week 2 The Radiographic & Imaging Report Preparing and Testifying in Court Quiz 1
Discussion 1
Week 3 Production of the Radiographic Image, Equipment and Radiation Protection Quiz 2
Discussion 2
Writing assignment 1
Week 4 Radiographic Positioning & Marking Systems Principles of Radiographic & Imaging Interpretation Quiz 3
Discussion 3
Week 5 Virtual Imaging: The use of CT & MR in Veterinary Forensic Imaging Quiz 4
Discussion 4
Week 6 The Use of Ultrasound, Nuclear scintigraphy and Contrast in Veterinary Forensic Imaging Quiz 5
Discussion 5
Week 7 Use of Imaging in Identification and Age Determination Quiz 6
Discussion 6
Writing assignment 2
Week 8 Veterinary Radiology and Imaging of Abuse Quiz 7
Discussion 7
Week 9 Radiographic Description of Osseous Trauma & Assessing and Aging Bone Response to Trauma Quiz 8
Discussion 8
Week 10 Forensic Veterinary Radiology and Imaging of Gunshot Wounds Quiz 9
Discussion 9
Week 11 Anatomic areas of particular interest in forensic Imaging: ribs, skull, physes Quiz 10
Discussion 10
Writing assignment 3
Week 12 Post mortem Imaging and the Role of Imaging in Cause of Death Determinations Quiz 11
Discussion 11
Week 13 Differentials in Veterinary Forensic Imaging Diseases which may Mimic Abuse Quiz 12
Discussion 12
Week 14 Review Writing assignment 4
Week 15 Final Examination