(Unless otherwise noted, all courses are assigned a letter grade.)

Core Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
VME6054Scientific and Legal Principles of Forensic Evidence3
VME6051Cruelty to Animals and Interpersonal Violence3


Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
VME6056Animal Law3
VME6571Forensic Applied Animal Behavior3
VME6572Forensic Aspects of Agricultural Animal Welfare3
VME6574Aquatic Animal Pathology & Forensic Science3
VME6579Veterinary Forensic Radiology and Imaging3
VME6617 Environmental Risk Assessment of Veterinary Drugs 3
VME6905Problems in Veterinary Medical Sciences (self study course)1-4
VME6934Seminar in Veterinary Pathology (self study course)1-8
WIS5562Conservation Medicine3
WIS6934Working Dogs in Conservation and Forensic Sciences3
GMS6357Forensic Photography***3
GMS6350Forensic Investigations3

Electives – In-Person

We offer opportunities for hands-on training with our in-person labs through the Forensic Medicine program. The labs are 5 days and count as 3 academic credits upon completion.

Course #Course NameCredits
GMS6359LPrinciples of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Laboratory3

Thesis Elective Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
VME 6934Special Topics in Veterinary Forensic Sciences1-4
VME 6910Supervised Research1-5 (S/U)
VME 6971Masters Research1-6 (6 max) (S/U)