Forensic Entomology

ENY 6706


Forensic scientists, crime scene technicians, and medicolegal death investigators are continually faced with establishing a postmortem interval (or time since death) in medicolegal investigations. Students will learn the proper evidence techniques for the documentation, collection, and preservation of entomological evidence as well as how to calculate a minimum postmortem interval from entomological evidence.


Module Topic
Week 1 Introduction to forensic entomology
Week 2 Entomology and the law
Week 3 Arthropod biology and taxonomy
Week 4 Insect morphology and development
Week 5 Insect systematics pt 1
Week 6 Insect systematics pt 2
Week 7 Flies of forensic importance pt 1
Week 8 Flies of forensic importance pt 2
Week 9 Identification of adult insects
Week 10 Identification of immature insects
Week 11 Temperature, development and succession
Week 12 Factors influencing succession
Week 13 The entomologist at the crime scene
Week 14 TOC calculation
Week 15 The entomology report


Textbook is not required. Readings will be assigned from library holdings.