Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight

Meet our alumni

Graduates and current students come from veterinary medicine, law enforcement, forensic sciences, animal rescue organizations, and related fields, but they all share a common desire to speak for those who do not have a voice and to see justice enforced within the legal system.

Veterinary Pathologist

Martha A. Hanes

UF gave this veterinary pathologist the knowledge she needed to become an expert witness in felony abuse cases.

East County Animal Services

Dr. Ruth Bingham Dilts

Dr. Dilts got connected to other vets who share her interest in Veterinary Forensics and gained contacts all over the world in the program.

Animal Law Enforcement Officer

Katie Kirk

Katie was able to apply her coursework to her job, and the online experience allowed her the flexibility to work full-time while earning her master’s.

Medical Director

Andrew Silverstone

Andrew gained clinical skills in pathology and radiology. Through this coursework he has been able to engage his local colleagues who are actively in animal control practices.

President at Woolf Veterinary Forensics Consulting

Jennifer Woolf

Jennifer gained a new awareness of animal issues and went on to open her own veterinary forensics consulting business.

Senior staff veterinarian

Christian Broadhurst, DVM

Broadhurst received the certificate at the beginning of May, making him able to testify as an expert witness in cruelty cases. The certification also allows Broadhurst to better identify cruelty cases on a daily basis in veterinary practice.

Pioneer in the field of vet forensics

Patricia Norris

“Law enforcement and the court systems often balk at training offered by animal welfare organizations, but having this program associated with a top university, a forensic science center and a veterinary college makes a huge difference in the area of credibility for the court system.”